I became an addict… it started out slow, once a week just to keep my life exciting and a little different. I felt sexy, I felt powerful, I felt in control. Then I needed more. I started traveling to find more of the stuff. Then I started to push it, just with friends at first, then my confidence grew and I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it and where to get it. Let me tell you, the more I saw others getting into it, the more I pushed it. Eventually, I did get into the harder stuff and it hurt – it hurt good. I’m still addicted today and getting deeper into my addiction to imagine dance and fitness classes each week.

Here is the serious part: I loved the confidence it gave me, the fun music and moves, the acceptance, the instructors and all of the different styles. The variation of abilities that could take part. The strength I gained inside and out. The wonderful group of friends I developed. The philosophy of fitness where you are was the best part. I didn’t have to make an extra stop on the way to or from work if I didn’t want to, I didn’t have to drive 15-30 minutes out of my way. Lena, I really can’t even say all the ways that the organization is amazing!

Thank You

Sara Jibb

I had to share with you…..
Just got back from a run with my boots and made it to the three km point. I had to stop running almost a year ago due to an IT band injury. I couldn’t run because I was making the injury worse. I went to physio and massage and it felt a lot better. My doctor said I may not be able to run again. I went to some Bounce classes and really like the boots. I even took the instructors class. I bought a pair a month and half ago and have been running three times a week, up to 3 KMs and NO pain. At least not until I tried a run without the boots. No more running shoes for me. My goal is to get to the 10KMs that I was running before my injury. Thanks to both of you.

You had the open house for Bounce which I also attended and fell in love.

I started your classes because I spent so much time running around with kids, work, home, I forgot to take time for myself. Gained some weight and then with stress of life started with blood pressure issues.

I had tried all other different types of exercise of the years but nothing I could say I really loved.

I now go Monday to Thursday classes faithfully, from Zumba, to Zumba Toning, Bounce, TRX and now the new Booty Barre which I love and hope to have it stay in Port Dover. I have lost 20 ibs. Cannot believe how much more I am toned, the best part I am off blood pressure medication.

I am so thankful I heard about your studio. You have great staff and great classes. I enjoy every one of them. I am really happy to hear you moving into all other locations as well. Hope it never stops !!!

Thanks again

My Zumba success story began when a girlfriend sent an email around to a few girls inviting them to a new exercise class starting in town called Zumba. It was a one hour class once a week and it was a latin dance based exercise program was all she could tell us. I’ve never been a member of a gym or gone regularly to exercise classes but always tried to stay active through walking or exercise equipment I have at home (we all know how those things work). One thing I absolutely love to do is dance and that’s why I decided to give it a try.

It eventually became our weekly mother-daughter thing and she grew more confident and moved closer to the front of the class. She made a comment once that it made her feel good about herself and I loved to hear that. The teenage years are so harsh and every positive influence they have is a bonus. We also started Zumba toning together and I was really beginning to see a difference in my weight and the inches were starting to fade away.